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tb senior rep

are you a senior or going to be a senior in high school?

are you fun and outgoing?

if yes to both questions, then apply to be on Teddie Bair Photographies senior rep team!

(I only have so many spots open so apply now!)

what is a tb senior rep?

A tb senior rep is a high school senior who will promote and represent Teddie Bair Photography to all of their senior friends and classmates! They don't have to be just from your school. You will have rep cards to hand out to any senior!

It's basically being a spokesperson for Teddie Bair Photography! 

what will I receive while being a tb senior rep?

you will receive:

-2 free mini portrait sessions

-50+ senior rep cards

-unlimited amount of images to post on social media

-AND best of all, a $5 gift card for every senior that books with me through your referral!

(you get to pick where you want your gift cards:)

TB Senior Rep Team needs:

Currently booked for seniors graduating in 2019, but will be taking applications for 2020 graduating seniors soon!

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fill out this form to apply!

Thank you for the love! Have an AMAZING day!

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